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Over the years, it has evolved as a market leader providing technologically advanced healthcare products ranging from Water Purifiers, Vegetable and Fruit Purifiers to Water Softeners. It has become synonymous with offering purity and is known for its robustness in technological performance and innovative designs changing quality of everyday living. Aquanoor is
ISO 9001:2008 Co certified and has been at the forefront of innovation. It has grown to be a strong organization with offices across India and most importantly millions of satisfied customers to its credit worldwide. With e purpose to give good health to one end all, aquanoor is the best guardian of your family's health!
Benefits of aqua noor Purifier

• Complete,reliable purification: aqua noor removes of harmaful pathogenes, viruses & bacteria like e-coil, coilforms, listeria etc.

• Integrated purification+mineralization: aqua noor purifiers have built-in lonizer & mineralizer function which helps   add healthy minerals & micro-nutrients to the purified water and also ensures that the water stays fresh for long periods.

• Preserving healthy ingredients of water: aqua noor does not remove ingredients of water that are important for health minerals like calcium, magnesium & iron, besides essential bicarbonates,chlorides & sulphates.

• Computerized efficiency with speed: aqua noor are the world's first purifires with a computerized control panel that monitors ionization levels and lets know if the purified water does not meert WHO & indian standards.These purifiers that can purify water at speeds of 1 to 120 liters a minute.

•Ease of maintenance & durabilty: aqua noor is easy to install, maintain, and cost-effective to run, needs just routine servicing and an anode change,depending upon usage.These stylish purifires are designed to last for years.
Aqua noor Advantages

• They remove every harmful pathogen, virus and bacteria, even bacteria like e-coli, coli forms, listeria that are deleterious to health. Viruses such as hepatitis which are known as “silent killers” are killed as aquanoor uses a systems engineering approach to provide an assimilated product to meet specific water needs.

• Use no toxic chemical and therefore leave no such residue in treated water.

• Maintain levels of healthy minerals & beneficial micro-nutrients in the purified water.

• Water purified by aquanoor stays pure for longer peroid.

• aquanoor purifiers are easy to install & maintain and extremely cost-effective to run.

• Current purifying methods like chlorination, RO, UV Sand filtration & Ozonation do not address all          these issue at the same time.
• Only aquanoor water purifier meet the requirement of every aspect listed above as can be seen clearly
To be a socially responsible brand making a difference in people lives by affecting all- pervasive area of their existence- water, food and air. Our fundamental vision is defined by producing innovative healthcare products that purify the water we drink , the food we eat and the air we breathe, and thus help people live healthier.

To be e master class in inventive brilliance. We strive to bring to fruition for our customers, the freedom from water-related problems end peace of mind for good health through our wide range of healthcare products that deliver impeccable standards of quality end service.
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